Highlights of 2008

Friday, November 28, 2008

Parade of Lights - What are we teaching our children?

After a fun day of raking MORE leaves and putting up Christmas lights on the house, we ended the day with a fun trip in the car to downtown Valley City (a total of about 3 minutes in the car) to watch the Parade of Lights.  After spending about 15-20 minutes getting everyone dressed and bundled up to stay warm and then buckled in their carseats, the 10 minute parade almost didn't seem worth the hassle, but at least the kids had fun, right?  Then I think about what we are teaching our children with this type of family activity and how it is completely contridicting to what we try to teach them at home.  1)  That is okay, and in fact encouraged to run in the street and 2) that it is perfectly fine to take candy from strangers.  Oh the joys of parenthood!  It's amazing we ever survived childhood.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Big Paw on Thanksgiving

We were watching the Bernstein Bears' Thanksgiving video "Big Paw" and the boys thought it was very funny.

Duck Dance

This is Mandi teaching Monroe and Jeremiah to do the German Duck Dance as part of Mandi's birthday festivities.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Our Blog Beginning

Well here we go.  I keep saying after we get settled in our new home here in North Dakota and feel some kind of order in my life again that I would start blogging.  I hardly feel settled and I definitely don't feel like I have order, but the problem is that I don't see it coming any time soon.  I do however feel the need to share some great pictures of our adorable children and keep in touch with friends.  This is a great way to do it.  Thanks to everyone who shares their blogspot addresses with me.  I have fun reading about your lives and staying connected. So here's a start...more to come.